EAP Mobile Solutions
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Phone: 1-855-EAP-XPRT


  • What devices' will your apps work on?

    iEAP and iSAP are designed for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices.

    For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, iOS 6 and above software is required.

    For Android devices, OS 3 and above is required.

    To access the apps, you will also need a subscription to a data plan or a WiFi connection. If you do not have a data plan and would like more information on getting one, please refer to your mobile service provider for further details.
  • How can I search for Self-Help articles?

    You can search for articles regarding any area of interest by clicking on the Self-Help button and then typing in a key word in the search window at the top of the screen. The application will search for articles with your key word in the title.

  • Can I assign favorites within the Self-Help?

    Yes, favorites can be assigned by each user.

  • How can I share my Self-Help articles with family members, friends and co-workers?

    You can email articles to a friend by selecting the Email Me option. Once selected, you will be asked to insert the destination's email address.

  • Do the apps send push notifications?

    Yes, iEAP and iSAP will send users push notifications from time to time that will appear on the users' device screen.

  • Where can learn more about EAP Mobile Solutions?

    Download the app, watch the videos on YouTube

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Absolutely. Simply contact one of our sales associates at 905-702-1380 ext 200 and they will be happy to talk to you about our APPs, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a trial password to our APPs. Once you have the Password, a free trial of the app can be downloaded at the App Store(Apple), Google Play(Android).

  • How often are the Self-Help articles updated?

    Articles are updated on a monthly basis.

  • If the EAP provides services to schools also, do they require both apps?

    If your EAP provides both employee and student services, one app will suffice.